HOLMESVILLE — Years ago, metal roofing, a.k.a. tin roof, was handmade and hand seamed; it was relatively cheap and was susceptible to problems.

“It was just galvanized metal,” said Kevin Yoder, manager of Classic Metals in Holmesville. “It required a lot of maintenance and was subject to rust and leaks.”

Forward through time to the 1990s.

“Major improvements were made in the ’90s,” said owner John Yoder. “Everything from the paint, fabrication and galvanization. It is a self-healing product. Aluminum was added and that helps stop the rust process.”

No longer does a scratch signal cause for alarm. Prior to the ’90s, a metal roof required a great amount of attention. It routinely needed inspected for scratches that could lead to it rusting through and causing a leak around nail holes or scratches caused by tree branches or animals.

Metal roofs are a lifetime roof,” said Kevin. “We can re-paint the roof, if needed, to match and exterior changes that are made to a home. There is also a 40-year warranty on the paint against peeling, cracking or fading.”

Three varieties of metal roofing are available; ag panel, standing seam and shingles.

Ag panels are roughly equivalent price of asphalt shingles, standing seam is approximately two to three times the cost of asphalt and metal shingles are a premium product that varies in price based, in part, on the roof configuration.

While there is more initial expense, it is cheaper over time, explained Kevin. “You never need to replace the roof like you do shingles. Once it is installed, it is in place for the life of the house.”

Proper installation is key, said Kevin. A metal roof isn’t difficult to install, it is just different than asphalt shingles.

Whether panels or shingles, an experienced contractor will be able to install a metal roof very efficiently.

While there are many reasons for switching from an asphalt roof to metal, like fire resistance, lightweight material and heat conduction, there are a couple of areas that need consideration according to the web site www.hometips.com.

The website states that while the metal roofs are great to prevent fires from the outside (such as embers from a chimney or nearby fire) the roof can be difficult for firefighters to gain entrance through the roof if the fire starts inside the dwelling.

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Original Source: http://www.dispatch.com/news/20171003/not-your-grandfathers-tin-roof–metal-roofing-no-longer-susceptible-to-problems

Original Date: Oct 3 2017

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